KEMPER - (The Music The Fury The Monster)

 Under the pale moon's blackest forest among the accursed macabre. Horror's chilling howl of beast noise. A night fiend uprising wolfengeist monster heart pumping the horrorglobin through its wereghoul veins. Vengeance transformation alliance bathed in black brought to you like no other. Feel your pulse excel. Feel your mind go out of your head. KEMPER IS UPON YOU!!!! The blood hound feasting begins noooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!

 Kemper was founded and came about in the Northern KY/Cincinnati OH area early 2000's by one none other than lone wolf, ghoul beast, lycanthropic barker, John Lycaon Kemper. Obsessed with all things horror, monsterish, spooky, macabre and hallows eveish. Doused into a wide range of vocal nuances from crooning to tenor menacing. The horror cult ridden sound develops heavily under the bloodiest moon werebeast possession. Cursed throughout the fire and ash of the former 10 year Lucicult era, 2003 brings us the birth right of Kemper. Taking some original songs and rewriting them a bit John started into 2003 recording and producing the blackness. 2004 Kemper had been unleashed to the world with its first album Restless Fury released on its own label Lucicult. Kemper would be deemed the forever band name. Why the name Kemper? "So i can do this as long as i want with what I want to do."

(1993-2003) LUCICULT is an american nightmare, punk, deathrock, macabre, spook noise of horror lycanthropized from the moors of Cincinnati OH / Northern KY by goblin wolf beast creature howler John Lycaon Kemper. 5 e.p.'s through its 10 year existence allowed LUCICULT to play through its domain of horror Northern KY, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio. Carrying its numerous lineup changes year to year LUCICULT slammed its black esquire of horror loud and proud.


Spook House is an instrumental classical listen of the macabre honoring October's chilling haunt year round by John Kemper.

John(Lycaon)Kemper - Barking & Howling (Vocals)

Mykill Von Pagan - Menacing The Deep End (Bass)

?? - (Guitars)

????? - (drums)